A Visitor Bringing Development

This post is authored by all-star research assistant Lynn Akufuna Nalikena, profiled in this post.

Being the research assistant to the Canadian man who was conducting a research on disability, I came across different people but they share one thing in common. There are those who were the research participants in the villages and those who were the research decision makers who worked in the offices. This research helped me to know that, well educated people who work in offices can perceive things like the research participants in the villages.


Working with these two groups, I came to understand that some people think any white person visiting them can bring development; of building schools, changing the district by constructing the roads, offices and maybe donating money, and changing people’s way of life. These were these people’s expectations from that Canadian man. This gave me the impression of development being needed by everyone on different levels like households, communities, districts, provincial, and national levels. I think it is good to start things that will bring development on our own rather than just expecting from visitors.


I think it is very easy for the visitor to contribute to the development which has been brought up already, rather than initiating. Furthermore, doing things this way can help to avoid the inevitable finger pointing that is directed towards initiators.


My question is that, do other people think that any person visiting can develop their community? I do not think so, because some people visit for different reasons and sometimes visitors seek help from people they are visiting. This gives me the clear answer to this question, because those people expected charitable things from him, yet his aim was to research on how people think about disability.


Oh yes, a visitor can bring development in one way or another but he/she sometimes cannot reach everyone’s needs or meet their expectations.     


2 thoughts on “A Visitor Bringing Development

  1. Mary Anne K-U says:

    Such an important realization! Thank you for so thoughtfully expressing this very real situation. Expectations and perceptions on both sides can either help or hinder. I appreciate how you came at the condition from the perspective of both the person visiting (in this case, the Canadian!) and those being visited. Very well done!

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  2. Agrippa Mbumwae Moyo says:

    This is very true, how can you wait for someone to come give you dinner in your own home when actually that person is just passing through or visiting so to say?
    Mindsets of people have to be changed

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