Levy and Tamara

I met Levy and Tamara when they boarded a minibus that I was riding. They were communicating in a local language that I was learning in earnest, providing me with the opportunity to share halting greetings and awkward conversation. The language was Zambian Sign. Because Levy and Tamara are Deaf. My involvement with the Deaf … Continue reading Levy and Tamara

A View of the Home Front

A brief glimpse into my daily life when in Mongu In this blog, I write regularly about my work and how I think about it. That is intentional: I would rather get people talking about those things. But just for once, today, I would like to share some things about the place where I lived … Continue reading A View of the Home Front

Time Flies

This statement is particularly *timely* in North America, where an hour of time just vanished in the middle of the night. Fortunately, the plays-on-words permitted by Daylight Savings Time have given me an excuse to pop out of my blogly silence. Two weeks ago, a group of amazing research colleagues from Canada and the UK … Continue reading Time Flies