Objectives of this research

This is the second post of three that answers questions from a colleague working to provide services for persons with disabilities. This post answers the question, “What are the objectives of this research?”

This is a question that can be answered in various ways.

One way to answer is to state, “The objective of this research is to create new knowledge.”

This first answer is accurate but maybe confusing for some people. To understand that answer, I think that one has to know what we mean by “old knowledge” and what it means to “create new knowledge.” The explanations for these things can sometimes be very long. Meanwhile, I do not want to make you tired or bored, so I will give a short explanation instead.

The short explanation is this: knowledge becomes knowledge when it is published. For published knowledge about disability in Zambia and other places like it, I recommend that people read the articles in the African Journal of Disability, Disability and the Global South, and Disability, CBR & Inclusive Development.

Despite that importance of making new knowledge, that is not the only objective of this research. In fact, there are two action-oriented objectives to the research. This research is happening in two locations in Zambia and each location has its own action-oriented objective.

The objective of this research in Western Province/kwa Bulozi is to elevate the perspectives of persons with disabilities kwa Bulozi about their economic situation in our time of new Social Cash Transfers.

The objective of this research in Lusaka is to explore the ways that researchers can effectively collaborate with policymakers and disability advocates.

This research can be explained in many more ways. Since our colleague asked about objectives, I have shared the three most important objectives at this time.

As always, I am open to discussion about this research. The more we have people engaged, the more this work will be better informed and the more its results will lead to effective change for Zambians with disabilities!

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