Sometimes it might be useful to be long-winded. Maybe.

I was recently interviewed by the dynamic Krysta Wark of the Global Physio Podcast. Krysta and I had been messaging about this interview since March, but it was only in August that we got around to doing the 30-minute podcast interview. At the time of the initial request, Krysta offered me a free-range: as long … Continue reading Sometimes it might be useful to be long-winded. Maybe.


Back to Canadian routine

It has now been two months since I arrived back in Montreal. I will not lie; I was tired by the end of my fieldwork period in Zambia. The climax of the last week was a workshop with disability advocates and policymakers in Lusaka. The event was great, but a lot of work to prepare. … Continue reading Back to Canadian routine

An Update!

I returned to Zambia in 2018 with the intention to blog…fairly regularly. Instead of my lengthy emails to individuals, or posting material on Facebook, the blog was to be the authoritative account of my work. Using this strategy, I could be more efficient. I could devote my energy to writing that mattered, writing that is … Continue reading An Update!

The mysterious art of choosing one’s battles

I have been more irritable than usual of late. As the irritability slowly ramped up, I mostly knew “the cause,” having previously experienced this before when living outside of Canada. I can best describe the cause as follows: Problematic situations that seem like they can be addressed, but somehow, are never resolved. Interestingly, my irritability … Continue reading The mysterious art of choosing one’s battles

Levy and Tamara

I met Levy and Tamara when they boarded a minibus that I was riding. They were communicating in a local language that I was learning in earnest, providing me with the opportunity to share halting greetings and awkward conversation. The language was Zambian Sign. Because Levy and Tamara are Deaf. My involvement with the Deaf … Continue reading Levy and Tamara