The Blog Role

As I transition this project beyond its roots in university-based research, I am not quite sure where it will go.

That is not to say that I am clueless about future directions, but rather that I want the perspectives of the people with the most at stake – e.g., persons with disabilities in Bulozi – to be the strongest determinants of these directions. Nonetheless, I am acutely aware that outside factors will always come into play. I am also acutely aware that honouring perspectives is not a straightforward task; it will require navigation of diverging points of view and decision-making.

This period of follow up and exploration is an exciting one for growth and change. This blog is an opportunity for me to clarify my thoughts and bring others into a conversation that could be overwhelming at times. For the blog, the most convincing sign of success is that it grabs readers’ attention and incites them to engage with my work. Indeed, the blog is an experiment to see whose attention I grab and the ways in which these people engage.

Whatever your relation to this work, I look forward to hearing from you. Maybe you share some common interest with me – like disability or Western Zambia – and just want to connect. Maybe you think that some parts of my research deserve more attention. Maybe you see opportunities for me to take this work forward that I do not yet see.

To get in touch, feel free to: use the web form here, follow me on twitter, or connect on LinkedIn.