Back to Canadian routine

It has now been two months since I arrived back in Montreal. I will not lie; I was tired by the end of my fieldwork period in Zambia. The climax of the last week was a workshop with disability advocates and policymakers in Lusaka. The event was great, but a lot of work to prepare. … Continue reading Back to Canadian routine

What I learned

A review of the lessons learned during my most recent time in Bulozi This is the second of two follow up posts written after my departure from Bulozi in early March 2017. In the first, I provided a recap of my involvement, with an emphasis on how things finished. In this post, I will go … Continue reading What I learned

Levy and Tamara

I met Levy and Tamara when they boarded a minibus that I was riding. They were communicating in a local language that I was learning in earnest, providing me with the opportunity to share halting greetings and awkward conversation. The language was Zambian Sign. Because Levy and Tamara are Deaf. My involvement with the Deaf … Continue reading Levy and Tamara

The Return

Prior this week, I was last in Bulozi in early 2015. Most of the intervening two years were spent working on drafts of my PhD dissertation in a windowless office in Toronto; a task that was lonely and abstract until it was finally submitted and defended. Returning to Zambia has re-energized my interest in my … Continue reading The Return