Time Flies

This statement is particularly *timely* in North America, where an hour of time just vanished in the middle of the night. Fortunately, the plays-on-words permitted by Daylight Savings Time have given me an excuse to pop out of my blogly silence.

Two weeks ago, a group of amazing research colleagues from Canada and the UK joined those of us who spend more time in Bulozi. The time spent together was incredible – in the sense that we shared tremendous energy and ideas, but also in terms of what we accomplished during that week. On the flip side, this networking and planning pulled me away from completing my blog posts.

And then my two months in Zambia came to an end.

Today, I am actually posting this from Canada, where at 7am it is still dark. Apparently, the temperature is -11 degrees Celsius, but it “feels like” -17. I arrived in Canada about 36 hours ago, recent enough that my body has yet to convert from Central African Time. These past 3 days I have awoken between 1am and 5am. Interestingly, both westward and eastward trips this year turned me into a lève-tôt.

While still in Zambia, I began work on four final blog posts; none of which I managed to complete before departure. I have a busy schedule in the coming weeks with travel and deadlines, but I also expect to be quite focused. The remaining posts should be a good way to debrief and transition onto next steps.

For those of you watching, thanks for your patience and interest!

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